Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No Promise In The Heavens lyrics

And I am still waiting
For clean to come yet he's not there
He's killing dreams out in the sea

I feel like I can't breathe
Life's crushing down on me
Heavy salt will wash away my sin

No one left I could blame it on
No more hope all is said and done
Life seems sealed as the night breaks in

And rears mount the horizon
And blackened is the night
The world has drowned in cries

I search for many years
He is all cherished all my life
I roamed behind the veil of night

The essence of life it should never be lost
Thrown to be beast to be mighty tossed

I I give myself away on this blackened day
I give myself away to you!

The world is drowning...
The world has drowned in cries...


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